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Bio 2022

Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF 🇳🇴
(Norwegian Society of Cinematographers) 


Instagram:  @jm_fnf




Base: Longyearbyen, Svalbard. (Norway) 

Speciality: #VirtualProduction #Cinematography #3D #VR #NextGen #Explorer


Jannicke Mikkelsen, FNF is a Norwegian award-winning Film Director & Cinematographer specialised in movie productions using next-gen technology. Jannicke has developed a niche working in hazardous environments on film productions in the arctic, underwater, aviation and space. Her innovation highlights include working with wildlife pioneer David Attenborough to shoot the first 360 documentaries underwater, film director for the legendary rock band QUEEN’s 3D-360 live music video, Guinness World Record holder of the fastest circumnavigation of Earth via the North and South Pole while live-streaming to 55million viewers from 43 000ft, and virtual cinematographer for Netflix’s sci-fi thriller Stowaway starring Anna Kendrick. Jannicke is the recipient of the first ever European Society of Cinematographers Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement, in 2017 she was named one of Norway’s most influential woman in tech, and in 2019 one of UK’s most influential women in tech.


Jannicke Mikkelsen is a frequent public speaker and motivational speaker on tech-innovation and has been keynote speaker at business events such as Google, Disney, Pixar, IBC show, Paramount Pictures, AI Show Biz, BVE expo and BSC expo. Her work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Wired, Variety and Teen Vogue. November 2021 Jannicke was a guest on the Norwegian Friday night talk show NRK - Lindmo. 

Jannicke Mikkelsen Cinematographer
Jannicke Mikkelsen, FNF


My fascination with technology definitely started from a young age, with my earliest memories being all consumed by playing games on my dad's IBM Personal Computer AT, back when you had to input code in the terminal to access programs on the original  floppy disks. The fun with being an 80's kid is the appreciation of being part of the gradual digital transformation and gamification of our lives. My fascination for technology grew even stronger when I at the age 10 was left paraplegic after a horse riding accident. The technology used to keep me alive and would play a role in me learning how to walk again was beyond fascinating to me. I also believe finding a passion is equally as important in my process of healing. My passion grew from discovering likeminded tech-obsessed teens all around the world in IRC chat rooms hosted by NASA. Through the space mission STS-99 I got introduced in to 3D imaging, where we would chat about 3D endlessly. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would re-connect with the same people I chatted to back then to launch my career as a 3D stereographer. 

Once I figured out it was possible to walk again and regain most of my motor skills I started enjoying the mental, emotional and physical challenge of failing and eventually succeeding as an athlete. My mother was a figure skating coach and I discovered I took to ice skating easier than walking on dry land. I enjoyed the weightless thrill of jumping and spinning. I also enjoyed the fear of jumping and potentially falling if my body wasn't positioned correctly at the entry of a jump. Figure skating is a tough sport to say the least, and thank goodness I discovered speed skating before I seriously injured myself. I took to speed skating even faster than figure skating, and within a few months of speed starting training, I placed third in the 3000m at the 2005 Norwegian National Championships. From there I focused all my energy on turning professional, training and competing for the Olympic development team based at the Utah Olympic Oval, USA. 

Being an athlete was the highlight of my life. It built me as a person mentally and physically to handle any challenge that came my way. I was never going to be amongst the worlds best skaters although I tried my very best to be one. So on my life journey I  went back to my passion for 3D and technology. 

In the film business I started out as an Assistant Stereographer and later Stereoscopic script, working for Stereotek GmbH on 3D features Wickie and the treasure of the Gods (2011), and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013). As the 3D movie industry diminished I went back to school to focus my energy on developing my skills as a cinematographer specialised in 3D and next-generation technology. Studying for my Masters degree in Cinematography at the NFTS I chose to deep dive into the history of 3D as part of my Masters  dissertation to discover the early work on Victorian 3D photography from the 1830's to 1860's.  ...




Mikkelsen is an alumni of the National Film and Television School (NFTS) Cinematography post-graduate Masters degree where she graduated with Distinction, and received her Bachelor Honours degree in Cinematography and Film Production from The Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio (NISS) joint with the University of Wolverhampton.

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Jannicke Mikkelsen, FNF

9170 Longyearbyen,

Svalbard, NORWAY 🇳🇴

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