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Interactive Installation



The Lunar Window™ is a touring interactive installation by media artist Jannicke Mikkelsen. 


Take Your 3D Selfie On The Moon! 

The Lunar Window offers a fun way for your guests to interact and  become part of the Apollo Legacy. Designed to draw people's attention, the installation features mind bending interactive technology inspiring participation through exploration and discovery. The Lunar Window is designed for inclusion and invites people of all ages and disabilities to take part. 

If you could achieve the impossible, 

what would that impossible be?


Created exclusively for The People's Moon Apollo 50th Global Activations, the Lunar Window offers your guests the chance to take part in the Apollo legacy project by recording their video messages where they proclaim their own giant leap.  

The Lunar Window  automatically uploads the video messages and photos taken at the installation directly to The People's Moon Apollo50th legacy project creating a giant photo mosaic made up of people all around the world, like yourself, declaring their Giant Leap in life!


#LunarWindow             #MyGiantLeap

lunar window

The Lunar Window is designed for inclusion and invites 

people of all ages and disabilities to take part.

Featured Appearances 2018


Apollo Celebration Gala,

Florida, USA

An awe-inspiring gala event held under the Apollo Saturn V Rocket

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex



Amsterdam, Europe

The World's Most Influential Media, Technology & Entertainment Show

Lunar Window official product launch, Main Stage, IBC 2018

WORLDZ 2018 Wordmark Logo WHITE3.png


California, USA

a Summit aimed at uniting tomorrow's leaders with today's CEOs, CMOs and Cultural Icons


" The Coolest Space Window In The World ! " 

- Sam ( 11 ) from California, USA

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