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AI For Good Starts With Collaboration

The cooperation of Molly, Terry, and Jannicke and many others who are involved in the success of #AIShowBiz Summit 4.0, serves as the perfect example of how a handful of people can make a difference by bringing people together to solve some of our pressing issues such as the Climate Change Crisis.


Women in Cinematography. 
Storyteller I have known and loved

Women are rising through the ranks in film production. Meet a few of my favourite women shaking up the film industry. 


AI Plus Entertainment Equals The Dawning Of A Trillion-Dollar New Economy


Meet the Cinematographers Behind Some of the Biggest Movies — Who Happen to Be Women

How VR Is Poised to Transform the Music Industry

Disruptive technology is sparking innovation across industries, but one segment that appears to be taking off is the live event business. With a record $5.65 billion in revenues in 2017, the Top 100 worldwide tours generated 15.8 percent more business than the previous year.The world of virtual reality (VR) is taking hold across major music labels — such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment Inc., and Roc Nation — that are licensing VR-film projects, and selling virtual tickets to shows in the U.S. and UK.

American Cinematographer: IBC 2018 Lunar Window Public Launch

VR filmmaker Jannicke Mikkelsen, FNF, presented Lunar Window an interactive installation that she created for the Moon Landing anniversary at the Kennedy Space Center. 

Jannicke gave a live demonstration of interactive footage using the wonderful HTC Vive system. She showed imagery of the lunar landscape on the screen adapting to her position as she moved across the IBC stage.

FEED Magazine: Queen of the cutting edge

Director Jannicke Mikkelsen is breaking records in her career as one of the world’s top VR filmmakers

I had been interested in 3D ever since I was 12 years old. I had a school project about how NASA was mapping the world in 3D, and I thought ‘Wow! What’s this all about?!’” 

Years before Oculus Rift was a gleam in Palmer Luckey’s eye, Norwegian director Jannicke Mikkelsen had fallen in love with using technology to vision immersive worlds. Now she is one of the world’s top VR filmmakers and seems determined to take immersive filmmaking to the next level.

Women in STEM: A story of Jannicke Mikkelsen

In our series of interviews with women in STEM, we’ve talked to Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF (Norwegian Society of Cinematographers), a freelance Virtual Reality (VR) film Director and Cinematographer based in London, United Kingdom. She is internationally known for her work with the British Rock band Queen and lead singer Adam Lambert on their Virtual Reality film “VR The Champions” (2017).

The Virtual Reality Cinematographer Jannicke Mikkelsen

This week we welcome Jannicke Mikkelsen to the channel. She takes us through what it is like to be a virtual reality cinematographer and what sort of rigs she makes to achieve a 360 video for a client.

IBC 365 : ​Spotlight on Immersive film makers

VR Focus: Diversity Initiative Workshop

Pacific Standard: How Hollywood Can Put More Women Behind The Camera

British Cinematographer No.86

British Cinematographer No.85

British Cinematographer No. 84

AXEL - The Danish Society of Cinematographers

Danish article on Oslo Digital Cinema Conference IMAGO/FNF

Queen + Adam Lambert’s ‘VR The Champions’ Film Wins IMAGO Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement

Of the film, Brian says “This is the fulfillment of a dream.  Jannicke did a wonderful job - I can't think of anyone else who could have pulled it off so magnificently in such a short time. I think she made a milestone and she so deserves the award. Through this unique  Virtual Reality creation, fans around the world are for the first time able to experience the excitement and energy of a Queen + Adam Lambert show in their own homes. Many of you have seen VR, but not VR like THIS!”


NFTS Cinematography graduate, Jannicke Mikkelsen, has won this year’s IMAGO International Cinematography Award for Technical Excellence. Jannicke said of her achievement: “I am so honoured; this is the most prestigious award a cinematographer can wish to receive for their work and I simply can't believe this award has my name engraved on it.” 


Queen, Adam Lambert, Universal Music Team for Virtual Reality Concert ‘VR The Champions’

Queen and Adam Lambert, who recently kicked off their U.S. tour and played two nights at the Hollywood Bowl, will offer fans a virtual reality concert experience. (...)

QUEEN Online

18th November 2016


Press Release: VR The Champions/Tribeca Virtual Reality Arcade Westfield World Trad

e Centre


Entertainment Weekly

Tribeca Film Festival 2017: Queen VR concert to debut


The legendary English rock band will debut a part of their VR concert film, aptly titled VR The Champions, this weekend, Tribeca organizers announced Friday morning.

VICE Creators

[Exclusive] Now You Can Rush the Stage at a Queen Concert, Because VR is Awesome

Nov 18 2016, 1:30pm

'VR The Champions' (get it?) is here to fulfill your glam rock dreams.

Not content to simply dominate rock and roll, Queen is intent on conquering the digital realm. Earlier this year, the legendary rock band collaborated with Enosis VR and Google Play to turn "Bohemian Rhapsody" into a surreal trip through Freddy Mercury's subconscious. Now, at the Tribeca Virtual Arcadewithin Oculus at the World Trade Center, Queen fans can rush the stage as the band performs with Adam Lambert in front of a roaring crowd of 15,000 in Barcelona. 

British Cinematographer

IMAGO Conference on VR and 3D at Camerimage

Technical wizard Jannicke Mikkelsen held a masterclass at Camerimage, where she and her work partner, Laura Marie Linck, talked about Jannicke’s recent VR 3D production for the band Queen’s spectacular Barcelona concert. The 3D/VR rig that Jannicke designed specially for the shoot held 20 cameras and was built in less than a week. It was a mindblowing experience for all present. On the spot Jannicke was invited by the ASC to hold a similar masterclass at the ASC Clubhouse in LA, so our friends and colleagues over the ocean can also be equally impressed. Our thanks go to Kazik Suwala and his amazing team at Camerimage for being IMAGO’s partner on these important events.

Film and Digital Times

Mid afternoon VR film director, cinematographer and stereographer Jannicke Mikkelson presented a workshop where she demonstrated the film rig she designed and constructed for the first 3D  360 degree Virtual Reality concert ever filmed, Queen’s 2014 concert in Barcelona called “VR The Champions”. The rig held 20 cameras that travelled on a four-point wire flying above the musicians and the audience to film the 3D VR concert. After the presentation, the audience put on virtual reality headsets and experienced the concert themselves.

The Sound 100.3 FM

"VR The Champions"-Queen & Adam Lambert in concert in 3-D, a 360 degree immersive experience! You feel you're onstage! Thank you to the lovely Jannicke Mikkelson, the film's director for dropping by! Tony Scott & I were thrilled!

Teknisk Ukeblad


Dette er landets 50 fremste IT-kvinner

Se hele listen her.


Sensasjonell Queen-film med norsk regissør

10. november 2016, Kristina Brend

Det legendariske bandet Queen går i front med hypermoderne teknologi og har filmet sin turne i sommer i 3D – 360 under det passende navnet «VR the Champions». Dette er et unikt filmprosjekt,
og regissøren er norske Jannicke Mikkelsen. På NxtMedia Conference gir Jannicke historien bak filmen, og du kan få smakebiter av denne spesielle opplevelsen som en verdenspremiere!

Dagens Næringsliv

Abelia-kåring: Dette er Norges 50 fremste it-kvinner

Keynote Speaker

Ms Jannicke Mikkelsen (UK)


Entering the world of the impossible

“VR The Champions” is the title of British rock band Queen first concert film in VR. Director and DoP Jannicke Mikkelsen takes you on a journey through inventing new-tech to behind the scenes of working with the legendary rock stars. The talk details the project workflow, equipment, live-action stereography through to post-production. Mikkelsen’s talk challenges current VR misconceptions and explores the future of VR entertainment to the masses. A 4K video and 360 audio VR experience of ”VR The Champions” will be available.

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