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I attended the AR & VR World exhibition at the London ExCeL on the 19th and 20th of October. It was exciting to see how much attention our London Stereoscopic Company booth got, as we by far had the least technologically advanced products out of all the exhibitors combined! You see, our VR viewer we have named The Owl viewer is designed by Dr. Brian May. However, it is actually based on the original drawings of the Brewster Stereoscope from 1851 by Sir. David Brewster. You can see the red Owl viewer at the top of this picture. This is the VR edition of the Owl viewer where you can simply attach any model of smartphone to view VR videos, 360 images, or side-by-side 3D films. I like it because it folds completely flat so it is easy to travel with, and unlike any other VR viewer it also allows me to adjust the focus. We let the VR & AR World delegates test the Owl Viewer and treated them to some exciting demos and small pre-views of various VR and 3D films we are working on. The London Stereoscopic Company specialises in Victorian stereoscopic photographic history, so it was incredibly fun to be at such an technological advanced event where the delegates could discover how VR viewing and 3D technology actually hasn't changed since it was invented 170 years ago.

-Jannicke Mikkelsen

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