Speaker at CAMERIMAGE 2016


I am honoured to be asked to be a speaker at this year's Camerimage 2016. I will be hosting an IMAGO Workshop where I will be presenting a case study of my latest VR film "VR The Champions" and there will also be a VR film viewing for everyone attending. I am so honoured to be asked to speak on the topic of virtual reality at such a prestigious festival which celebrates the art of cinematography. I've always enjoyed challenging technology. VR is a giant leap from my National Film School days where I shot my graduation short film on 35mm. For this VR shoot we mounted 20 cameras on one rig to build a stereoscopic360 image. This camera rig we mounted to a 4 point wire system which allowed me to fly the rig in a 3D space over the audience and stage in a concert arena. To eliminate as much nausea as possible for the VR viewer, we adapted a stabilised camera head for 360 filming where it would be perfectly stable at all times and at all times keep its orientation locked.

"VR The Champions" is the title of QUEEN + Adam Lambert's first live concert film in virtual reality. The film was shot in flying 3D-360, suspended in the Barcelona concert arena by a 4 point wire rig. The VR film hovers over the audience and flies around Queen guitarist Brian May, Queen drummer Roger Taylor and lead singer Adam Lambert on stage.

The film features four performance tracks in ambisonic audio.

Featured tracks:

Radio Gaga

We Will Rock You

We Are The Champions

God Save The Queen

The Workshop will take place at WSG on Friday the 18th at 14:15. Festival schedule can be found here: http://camerimage.pl/en/Schedule.html -Jannicke Mikkelsen

#Virtualreality #QUEEN #Camerimage #Cinematography #VRTheChampions

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