Going Proprietary

When mastering "VR The Champions" it became evident that we would have to challenge the limits of current VR image and audio standards. When mastering a VR film for stereoscopic viewing it became evident that we were losing half of our image quality. In order to keep our sharp image detail, our s360 Technical Director Tim Baier worked his magic on compression and codex to keep as much of the detail in the image, including highlights and low lights, audience faces and most importantly our artists on stage. The result of using the standard compression gave us image artefacts that did not only affect the visibility of the image, but also the possibility to even read our titles and credits. In addition our audio turned out to be a non-standard delivery format. We spent weeks in QUEEN's own music studios mixing the film's live tracks: Radio Ga Ga, We Will Rock You, and We Are The Champions, into 360 ambisonic audio, created by QUEEN's own audio engineers. Ambisonic audio gives such value to the production. Experiencing the concert in 360 ambisonic vs. stereo, is the difference of watching Vs. being there in person. That is how much of value the audio affects you when watching "VR The Champions". Naturally, no such VR player exists.

Creating a customised player became paramount to show our film at its intended quality. The Norwegian company Making View stepped up to the challenge I set them. It didn't take them long to program a customised VR player to showcase "VR The Champions". This is the showcase app we use at most of our VR film screenings.

If you are a QUEEN follower you may recognise the VR device depicted to the left. This is Brian May's own VR viewer design which is available through the London Stereoscopic Company website.

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