VR The Champions premiere on VRTGO


It was an absolute honour to direct VR The Champions for legendary British rock band Queen and lead singer Adam Lambert.

It is fun to think back on this project which started with an near insane request by Queen guitarist Brian May. His wish was to film one of the QUEEN concerts on the 2016 European Summer Tour in 360. However, everything in the 360 sphere would have to be in stereo (3D), the audio in 360 audio, and the viewer of the film to feel like they were in a flying space ship hovering over the stage and arena audience.

I had two weeks to prepare.

So I called all the smartest people I knew to help me out to build everything we needed from scratch, including the camera rig, the camera software, the data management and even the wire rig and camera mount. As if that wasn’t enough, we even had to design the post production software, the editing and the play out software. Everything had to be re-invented to make this film happen according to QUEEN's vision.

I’d like to thank:


Adam Lambert

Imaginary Pictures Ltd - Designing and making the custom camera rig

Onsight Group - Providing all the rental equipment we needed

VeloxIT AS - Making all the custom camera software we needed for the live shoot and post production of stereo 360

The Wire Rig Company - Designing, rigging and operating the custom flight path in Barcelona

The Foundry - Providing us with their Beta version of Cara VR and allowing us to make custom changes to the software

Perceptive 360 Ltd - Creating an innovative custom post production workflow for stereoscopic 360 preserving high quality in every chain

Compositors: Luke Hardisty and Ernesto Hermann

MakingView AS - Creating our custom high quality H265 demo app

Eagle Rock Films - Producer

Miracle Films - Producer

Universal Music Group


#VRTheChampions #QUEEN #Virtualreality

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