Bringing VR to the Cinema

I am so pleased to announce that a first cinema of its kind is opening in Norway tomorrow on the 18th of August 2017. The new cinema features a full dome 360 cinema screen and will project 3D-360 films at 60fps. The sound is equally impressive boasting a 36 channel input for object based special tracking. This pioneering project was designed to meet the demand for virtual reality films and create a social setting to enjoy this new medium of entertainment and education. The 60 seater cinema is hosted at the Science Centre located at the heart of Norway’s Technology capital, Trondheim.

The first film to be screened at the full dome cinema will be the award winning “The Man From The 9 Dimensions”. This cinema has been a pet project of mine for the past year-and-a-half, together with the amazing staff at the Science Centre in Trondheim. I have been looking for ways to share 360 entertainment other than only VR headsets. I think this cinema is an incredible lift for the VR industry making virtual reality and 360 films available to enjoy and explore by the public. Not only will the cinema be used for entertainment, it also presents a unique arena for education, offering visual dimensions to each subject such as mathematics and space! My hope is that more people see the magic of 360 entertainment and get inspired to make 360 films, join us in developing the 360 film language and not least innovate 3D 360 projection. For more info visit:

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