Speaker Presentations

QUEEN - The Making of
VR The Champions

Talk Length: 20min | 45min | 60min

“VR The Champions” is the title of British rock band QUEEN and their first concert film in virtual reality (VR). Director and DP Jannicke Mikkelsen takes you on a journey through the invention of new-tech to behind-the-scenes of working with the legendary rock stars. The talk details the project workflow, equipment, live-action stereography, through to post-production. Mikkelsen’s talk challenges current VR misconceptions and explores the future of VR entertainment.  A 4K video and 360 audio VR experience of ”VR The Champions” will be available for demo.


Live-Stream While Circumnavigating The Planet

Talk Length: 20min | 45min | 60min


Virtual Cinematography
Behind The Scenes of STOWAWAY

Talk Length: 20min | 45min | 60min


Dare To Be Tech-Defying

Talk Length: 25min


Public Speaking

One of my favourite things to do is to give film production talks at conferences. I enjoy bringing the audience behind the scenes with me on some of the most challenging film productions I have faced to date.  Typically a production journey often starts with an overly ambitious goal, followed by a sequence of impossible challenges. Personally, I find these kind of film productions quite addictive because each production ultimately ends up embarking on a crazy adventure my crew and I could never have imagined possible. Together my crew and I work the problem methodically and share our experience along the way to strengthen the core knowledge within the team while we move forth together to achieving the goal. These are journeys I treasure in life and they have built me as a person. It is my honour to share these stories with you, because through sharing my personal goal settings and laughter at my own stupidity, I hope to give you the tools to build on my acquired knowledge and inspire you to also reach your impossible dream.