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The Great 


A VR film by Pelagic Fleet

‘’The Great’’, an Immersive VR experience which takes you over 200 miles into the open ocean of Baja California in Mexico, to a remote island called "Guadalupe", one of the world famous locations to encounter the mysterious yet vulnerable Great White Shark.

A film by Roy Kimhi Executive Producer: Jorge Cervera Hauser Producers: Jannicke Mikkelsen, Roy Kimhi, Jorge Cervera Hauser Associate Producers: Regi Domingo, Erick Higuera Music - Rising Storm by Cody Martin Director of Photography: Jannicke Mikkelsen, Roy Kimhi Aerial DP: Terry Virts Self-propelled cage: Erick Higuera


Producer & Director of Photography

Jannicke Mikkelsen


360 Video 

Production Company:

Pelagic Fleet

Release Date

28th July 2018




Roy Kimhi

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