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VR Player

This VR player was developed for simple "one click" play of the VR film VR The Champions. 

The reason for developing a completely proprietary VR player was due to the lack of video and audio quality on the VR market. VR The Champions challenged current technology not only by featuring video in stereoscopic 360 but also by featuring ambisonic audio. For the purpose of public demo of VR The Champions, a simple to use VR player had to be developed which could showcase our film at its best quality. 

The VR player was developed for use on the Samsung Gear VR and QUEEN guitarist Brian May's own VR viewer invention, the OWL VR. 



Jannicke Mikkelsen


3D, 360 Video

& 360 Ambisonic Audio 


Makingview & J. Mikkelsen


Samsung Gear VR 

& OWL VR Kit

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