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Society Of Imaging And Science Technology

March 4th, 2022

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European Film Forum

November 22, 2021

European Film Forum Tallinn 2021 showcases the future superstars of European virtual production

The headliners for the half a day, executive-level hybrid summit in Tallinn include Jannike Mikkelsen - award-winning Director of Photography, explorer and Norway's one of the most influential women in tech; Mikko Kodisoja, co-founder of globally acclaimed Supercell game studio and founder of Helsinki's new FireFrame virtual production studios. Rain Rannu, Estonia's entrepreneur of the year and unicorn investor, is set to launch a new film and content investment fund to invest in global feature films under his "Tallifornia" studios. 

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MTH Conference 

November 10-11, 2021


 MediaTech Hub Conference is the only B2B event in Germany that focuses on media technologies. Encompassing all video and audio-related technologies and business in the digital world, MediaTech is rapidly changing the way we live and work. At #mthcon we explore the potential, best practices and challenges of MediaTech in the context of business and entertainment. We bring together expertise from across all industries to help our participants find the media technologies that will future-proof their business.

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‘Stowaway’ VFX Cinematographer Jannicke Mikkelsen Breaks Down the Tense Spacewalk Scene.

Cinematographer Jannicke Mikkelsen is used to working with non-traditional filmmaking techniques, methods and in unique environments. In fact, it’s kind of her thing. Over the last decade, the Norwegian film director and cinematographer has solved innovative tech challenges with and for David Attenborough, the rock band Queen, Apollo11’s 50th-anniversary installation for NASA and was a mission specialist — their videographer and data manager — aboard the 2019 World Record flight polar circumnavigating Earth.

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Norsk produksjon med Guinness rekord. Logistiske utfordringer innen filmindustrien under pandemien baner vei for ny norsk teknologi som vekker stor oppmerksomhet i utlandet. Filmproduksjonsselskapet MYREZE og teknologi-filmskaper Jannicke Mikkelsen gikk sammen for å løse et oppdrag utenom det helt ordinære for å hylle et ferskt verdensrekord dykk ned til verdens dypeste punkt av Marianegropen.


CANON Burbank
Behind The Camera

January, 2022






























NRK Lindmo

November 5, 2021


Norwegian talk show host Anne Lindmo and guests Actor/Artist Astrid Smeplass, Actor Cengiz Al, F3 Champion Dennis Hauger, Tech-Nerd Jannicke Mikkelsen, Doctors Kaveh Rashidi & Wasim Zahid

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September 14, 2021

Presenting: A Case Study of Netflix Feature Film ‘Stowaway’ And World-Leading Virtual Art Studio Happy Mushroom

Imagine planning and shooting a film where there is no up, down, right, or left. Add a massive rotating spaceship, the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Mars – and you have cinematographer Jannicke Mikkelsen’s scenery working on Netflix’s recent release ‘Stowaway’.

Some of ‘Stowaway’s most dramatic scenes center around a crucial spacewalk, where the characters make their way from a spaceship’s crew module, across the solar array, to a rocket booster – involving weightlessness, wirework, and requiring plenty of VFX.

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Tonya Hall show

June 7. 2021

Filming Netflix's Stowaway: Replicating space in VR is no small task

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AI For Good Starts With Collaboration

The cooperation of Molly, Terry, and Jannicke and many others who are involved in the success of #AIShowBiz Summit 4.0, serves as the perfect example of how a handful of people can make a difference by bringing people together to solve some of our pressing issues such as the Climate Change Crisis.

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European Comission

December 15, 2021

Honour to be featured by the European Commision today

Posted • #WomenInTheSpotlight!! Today we shine a light on award-winning Norwegian film director, cinematographer & Tech Nerd Jannicke Mikkelsen (@jm_fnf).

Jannicke works with non-traditional filmmaking techniques, methods and in unique environments! An innovator in next-gen film production, she has created successful next-gen film productions in the arctic, underwater, in the skies and in space!

She's worked with David Attenborough, rock band Queen, Apollo11’s 50th-anniversary installation for NASA and was a mission specialist aboard the 2019 world record flight circumnavigating the Earth via the North and South Pole .

Jannicke is the recipient of the first ever European Society of Cinematographers Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement, in 2017 she was named one of Norway’s most influential woman in tech, and in 2019 one of UK’s most influential women in tech.

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November issue, 2021


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VES / PGA / Netflix

Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at 5:00PM (PDT), 8:00PM (EDT) and Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 10:00AM (AEST) and 12:00PM (NZST)

The VES and PGA join together to demystify virtual production and how it’s impacting the industry. This panel will showcase how the latest real-time techniques are accessible, scalable, and affordable for a variety of projects. Panelists will spotlight their experience on some of the industry’s latest shows and movies discussing techniques such as world capture, visualization, performance capture, simulcam and interactive lighting. Panelists include VES Award-winning Executive Producer of THE MIDNIGHT SKY Greg Baxter, Visualization Supervisor at The Third Floor Sophia Yu, Virtual Cinematographer on STOWAWAY Jannicke Mikkelsen, FNF as well as Founder and CPO at Glassbox Technologies Mariana Acuña, moderated by Manager of Virtual Production at Netflix Christina Lee Storm.

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Mens ubåten var på vei 10 925 meter under havet, satt kommunikasjonssjefen i Asker og ekspedisjons-filmen ble spilt inn i Bergen!

Les den utrolige historien om den unike innspillingene på rekorddykket her.

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Definition Magazine

Women in Cinematography

Storyteller I have known and loved

Women are rising through the ranks in film production. Meet a few of my favourite women shaking up the film industry. 

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